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Наши дома всё больше, а семьи всё меньше.
У нас больше удобств, но меньше времени.
Больше ученых степеней, но меньше здравого смысла.
Больше знаний, но меньше способности к трезвому суждению.
Больше специалистов, но еще больше проблем.
Больше лекарств, но меньше здоровья.
Мы проделали долгий путь до луны и обратно, но нам сложно перейти улицу, чтоб встретиться с новым соседом.
Мы создали множество компьютеров для хранения и копирования огромных объёмов информации, но стали меньше общаться друг с другом.
Мы выиграли в количестве, но проиграли в качестве.
Это время быстрого питания, но медленного усвоения.
Людей высокого роста, но низкой нравственности.
Высоких доходов, но мелочных отношений.
Это время, когда так много за окном, но ничего в комнате.

"Hate All Non-Jews", Rabbis Say.

A recently published book written by a chasidic rabbi tells Jews to hate all gentiles. “Gentiles are wholly evil”, the book says. “They spiritually pollute the world, and even looking at their faces is harmful”.

The book is called ”Yalkut Shaiylos u’Teshuvos”, it has been published in New York, NY, USA. As the title indicates, it is a collection of questions and answers on halachic topics. The questions were asked by yeshiva students in New Square, New York. The answers are rabbinic.

The section translated below is titled, “Goyim” (“Gentiles”, non-Jews) and it explains the chasidic view of non-Jews.

The anti-gentile hatred is based on rabbinic sources. Those sources are heavily influenced by kabbalah and by chasidic thought.

The same attitude toward non-Jews can be found in the “Tanya”, the so-called “Bible of Chabad” written by the first rebbe of Chabad, Schneur Zalman of Liadi, and reprinted thousands of times by Chabad worldwide.

Question:  “Is it appropriate to not love, or to hate, a gentile”?

Answer:  “A Jew is intrinsically good.  A Jew is a part of God above.  Even if at times he strays it is not because he has become evil.  It is only that there is evil within him that he has to cleanse.

However, to separate with a million degrees of separation, a gentile is an impure thing.  The entire essence of the gentile is evil and impure.  Even if he occasionally does good deeds he does not thereby become good.  As the author of the book “Ohr HaHayyim” (“Light of Life”) says regarding gentiles, “even such a one who is very careful in his actions does not obtain any degree of holiness thereby”.

As is also well known, even educated gentiles who guarded themselves because of their clear understanding of what is right, nonetheless failed when they were tested, because a gentile has no power for goodness within him.

On the contrary, the evil thoughts of gentiles contaminate the world’s atmosphere and create ordeals for Jewish children. As the the author of the book “Sheairit L’Pinchas” (“Remnant for Pinchas”) says, “the thoughts of gentiles, even when they are dead, still linger in and contaminate the atmosphere”.

He says that to be protected from this there is only one solution; to completely despise the thoughts of gentiles and to realize that all their thoughts are only evil. Hate doesn’t mean wanting to do something to a gentile, but it means not being able to tolerate him, not being able to stand him, because of his great impurity, especially when one realizes how harmful this impurity is to Jews and to the world. Understandably, loving a gentile is the exact opposite of this.

The author of the book “Ohr HaHayyim” (“Light of Life”) says that “for a person to be totally protected from evil he must hate the thing that has caused him to sin. This is why God commanded to uproot the trees of Midian. Since the Midianites caused the Jews to sin with the Peor idol, so therefore Jews must hate everything connected to Midian. Consequently, gentiles, whose thoughts bring upon us ordeals, may be hated”.

So also the the author of the book “Ohr HaHayyim” (“Light of Life”) writes, in the portion of “Vayigash” of his book, that “the nature of the righteous ones is to hate gentiles”.

Speaking of gentiles it is worth mentioning two points. First, with respect to conversing with a gentile: a gentile is impure, as we have mentioned, and he defiles one who speaks to him and this brings evil upon a person. Except when one is forced to do so because then, as is explained by the author of the book “Me’or Eynayim” (“Enlightener of the Eyes”) “we thereby extract the little bit of good which has fallen into the gentile, since everything in the world is a mixture of evil and good”.

Especially if one converses with friendship, because the texts tell us that when two people speak with affection then a portion of each one’s soul becomes connected to the other and no one wants to become connected to a gentile, God forbid. Understandably, when one must converse one must do so like a human being.  However, in his heart one should not love him.  And it is worth knowing that “it is a well-known law that Esau (the gentile) hates Jacob (the Jew).” The gentile hates you.  It is only because of his ulterior motives that he is talking in a friendly manner, because it is in his best interests to do so at this moment, because of his job or for tens of others reasons. Even the righteous gentiles among the nations are often so because they hate inhumanity and murder but not because they love Jews.

The second point is; one is not to concentrate on the face of a gentile. As the author of the book “Arvei Nahal” (“Willows of the Valley”) writes on the Talmudic passage, “it is forbidden to look upon the face of an evildoer”, because “sitra achera” (“the other side” - the devil) cloaks himself in the guise of an evildoer and it is a danger to look at him. This passage refers to a Jew who has, God forbid, become an evildoer. Certainly, beyond any doubt, a gentile whose whole nature is essentially evil, looking at his appearance is defiling.

In the “Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh” (“Abbreviated Set Table”) it states that “if one sees beautiful creatures, even a gentile, one makes a blessing”. The “Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh” (“Abbreviated Set Table”) adds “this is only if one caught a casual glimpse, however concentrating on a gentile is forbidden”.

Once, in middle of the night, the author of the book “Arugot Haboshem” (“The Perfumed Bed”) sent a messenger to his son, the author of the book “Vayagid Yaakov” (“And Jacob Speaks”) requesting he should immediately come over. He quickly came running and his father looked upon him and told him he can now leave. He only called upon him since a gentile doctor was there earlier and he didn’t want that the last thing he sees before he sleeps to be a gentile, so he called him only to take a look at him.

Our Honorable Holy Teacher, Our Master, Our Guide, Our Rebbe repeated in the name of the Maharal that gentiles are referred to as “wicked waters” while Jews are akin to fire. Naturally, when fire and water mix the water extinguishes the fire. However, when there is an iron barrier between them, for example, water in a pot, then on the contrary, the fire cooks and evaporates the water.  Similarly, if one has connections to a gentile the gentile can, God forbid, extinguish the fire in the soul. However, if one is separated in all matters then the Jewish soul will triumph”.

Now let me, a 100% Jew (and proud if it), ask any reader of this post a question: what makes these chasidic cockroaches any different from Muslim hatemongers, who just as openly preach hatred to anyone non-Muslim? I fail to find any differences. So while I despise Muslims, I just as much despise religious Jews. Or any other religious zealots, for that matter. Yes, Christians, I’m talking to you. Because Christianity is no better…

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